SAFARI CUP: Cross Golf tournament, Obersee bielfeld, Germany

Everyone is invited to the crossgolf Hart-am-Limit tournament on 05.26.2012 in Bielefeld. The launch is scheduled at 13 clock and attendance costs 15 € including a shag, 2 almostGOLF balls and tees. CrossGolf newcomers are welcome and can rent clubs for a small fee.

You can register at the email address . Registration deadline is 5/18/2012

WHAT ARE WE PLAYING? Cross Golf and Urban Golf is a variant of the classic golf. The game is played but not on golf courses, but in places like parks, industrial wastelands or on school grounds, etc. The aim is for players to dispense with etiquette and have fun. There is only one rule: “Safety First” .

Cross Golf also only requires one ball and one club. As with the classic Golf, the player with the fewest strokes is the winner. But the fun of CrossGolf is not the rules, but playing the creative holes. Strict rules are not fixed and so we play all kinds of variations to the traditional game. CrossGolf is therefore a rediscovery of the roots of the golf sport that was invented in its original form by shepherds in Scotland. 

We the “Hard To The Limit” team, where cross golf is discovered by the players as the play the new terrain. Come and play and maybe you will discover the sport for yourself. 

Here is some information about the crew and other information on the tournament - On the site you can also register for the same tournament.

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