Urban golf gets on the list of weird sports

Thanks to Scott Mazariegos of Portland Urbangolf, it looks like their tennis ball driven urbangolf has made it into a book called Weird sports by Sol Neelman. It’s a limited edition photo book of all kinds of cool sports. Check out a few below, then go get the book. Bravo Sol.

Here’s a history of the book: Weird Sports becomes available on the U.S. starting April 10, 2012. But for those around the globe who can’t wait  and want to order, they are selling an early-bird, limited edition from their private reserve: 113 copies for $113, plus s/h (Priority Mail).

Included with the signed, numbered photo book is a signed, archival 8.5 x 11″ color print. But wait. That’s not all – You will also receive a custom luchador mask. There are 5 options for each item (see images below, yo.)

For those interested in capitalizing on this deal, you can order directly from this page. If you want more than one copy, simply return to this page after your first transaction goes through.

If you plan to pick up your copy from me in person (like in Portlandia), please order your copies by clicking here to avoid s/h costs.

To contact Sol directly  sol@solneelman.com


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