What is crossgolf about? From a Belgium street view

“Works like regular golf, but without all the constraints”

Cross Golf: With the ball right across the road

Here is a feeble translation of an article in the Grenzecho magazine by Nathalie Wimmer
For a semi automated translation, it’s a pretty solid explaination of what urbangolf and crossgolf are all about. It’s amazing how we can have the same experience across the globe. Bravo Belgium crossgolf

No label and almost no rules: That's the charm.No label and almost no rules: That’s the charm. Sascha Bien leads to the detachment of the cross golfers. (right)

Golf: elitist snob sport? Not at all! At least the new-fangled version, or Urban Golf Cross Golf called, is suitable only for wild adventurers. The ball here is threshed across cities or industrial areas. In Aachen, there is recently a club that is also active in eastern Belgium.

“Cross golf is like regular golf, but without all the restrictions. We have no label, no fixed place, almost no rules. “It’s not about the competition, but rather about having fun, says Sascha Bien, who leads a loose group of adventurous golfers from Aachen. He goes into raptures when he emphasizes the difference from the traditional golf: “Golf is an absolute individual sport, a fight against himself. If something does not work, it is always at a themselves. During cross golf is still a serving to happiness, because, for example, played on cobblestones. You have to climb over a fence sometimes even to bring the ball back. This triggers a special kick. “

No label, no fixed place

Target golf at the Cross is to achieve a specific, pre-specified destination. In most cases these are litter bins, park benches, tree roots, street signs and the like. On the way there’s almost anything goes. “People and animals are of course plays around or politely asked to step aside,” Overall, the safety of the new-fashioned pastime is in the foreground. The balls used are therefore softer than regular golf balls. “These special balls are 99 percent glass breakage free. Even cars and windows are “well protected, said Sascha Bien, anxious to redeem the bad image of the sport. The negative image is unjustified and based on a historical context, “cross golf is nothing new. The great wave swept Europe in 1992 after. Then the sport, however, is in the ground, into the rock and punk scene, moved away. Therefore, it is also often linked to the idea of ​​vandalism. After the motion has fallen asleep before it was recently rediscovered: As adventurous outdoor sports and not “as an expression of will to destroy, Sascha Bien outlined the career of the racket sport. And for those who have still not understood, he adds, “We do not leave garbage or filth and nothing to ruin.”

No previous experience required

Sascha Bien leads to the detachment of the cross golfers.Overall, we’ve seen so far only well received, though many a puzzled look three elderly lady, when the small group chasing balls around the city. Curiosity may be outweighed by the most viewers, who also like to take part spontaneously. No special knowledge is not needed. Even a long-standing experience in the traditional “green grass” is not needed. “Just take a bat and a ball, then you’re set. Children and seniors can participate equally. Learning the beating lasts only a few minutes. To dominate the meeting that lasts for a lifetime. On the technology can be filed for ever – as with any sport. The fun is there from the beginning, “says Sascha Bien, who is also himself as an outsider came to the taste. He had never previously with the various iron and golf bag on the hat. But now he talks shop with friends about which club most suitable, is to carry a ball out of the gravel hills of an industrial wasteland. “You can play with each club. We recommend using a sand wedge. The bunker is actually a club that serves rauszubekommen high out of the sand blows. This is useful for our purposes. For something more blows we have eight or nine iron and a while. In order to bridge distances of up to one hundred meters. Golfing can cross exactly like traditional golf to be very physically demanding. The type of physical activity is similar, although the distinction is essential values. “

Not only the sports incentive fascinated Sascha Bien. With his colleagues, he makes everyone a tourist trip and explore. “We rarely play on several occasions in the same location. We want to know the region and are always looking for new venues – but of course we have also become favorite venues to which “we like to come back, he says. The scenery can be enjoyed with a game of urban golf in any case. How do you put on a hike that is several miles back on a game day – just with the bat on the shoulder, the ball firmly in mind.

Station in Montzen, “” Trashy

Also, eastern Belgium was already several times the cross destination for golfers. The old station was supposed to serve only Montzener for a photo shoot to promote the new sport. But then the company has recognized the advantages of the place: “The beauty is that it is trashy there. One need have no fear of breaking something – what happens anyway as good as ever. He is also very well hidden.However, the loss of possession ratio “very high, so the 39-year-old. An inexperienced player may initially lose three or four balls. Who wants to make his fortune in the sample, with the troops always welcome. The clubs are made in the early days of trial purposes you. If you Sascha Bien be believed, then the sport has a suction effect that one can not escape: “I started, and now can not be more simple”.

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