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This is a pretty cool upload from Yelp in Belgium. The urbangolf crew in Antwerp did a pretty cool job with coaches to help the new players and three separate courses to play.

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After days and weeks of infinite rain, the sun came out especially for this Elite Event! A full day of sun, all for the 35 Antwerp Yelpers that came to find out about Urban Golf!  Urban Golf allows you to choose from 3 courses. We did the Harbour Tour in the North of Antwerp. Coaches Matthijs, Ricardo and Quinten divided the group in two and we were off for a fun & sunny Yelp day!

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At Urban Golf or City Golf you play targets in stead of holes, such as trees, walls, houses. We play with ”almost golf” balls, which are a bit lighter than regular golf balls so you don’t break anything.

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The course was amazing and everyone was impressed by the golfing, the harbour and the long walking distance. We really learned all about golf. The winner of the Urban Golf Event wasChristophe C, he won a voucher for the concept store “Moose in the City“. The worst player got a consolation prize: a beautiful bottle of “Voss” water, the most expensive water in the world.

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The climax of our Urban Golf trip was target 9, where you got to hit the ball all over the water! Some did, and so we celebrated at “Het Duvels Genot” where we all got together for another beer! I really want to thank Ward and Claudia of Urban Golf for this great day and of course our heroes Matthijs, Quinten and Ricardo for the professional golf course.

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Rudolf van der Ven for the great pics and of course, you Yelpers who I’m sure all ended up with a whole bunch of new friends after this event. My God what a wonderful happy day! Read the reviews here!


Maud N - Community Manager Yelp Antwerp. Way to go Maud for all your help and this article.

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