Grenoble StreetGolf Open: September 1st, 2012

As part of the French City Pro Tour, the streetgolf crew of Grenoble are putting on a pretty cool event. In fact, they’ve even written a pretty extensive article about it below. The only problem is that it’s not translated.








OPEN GOLF STREET stage of the French City Pro Tour 
◀ Saturday 1st September 2012 

The association “Get out of your hole” presents the second edition of the Open Street Golf de Grenoble. After a great first event in 2011, the members are working extra hard this year to accommodate as it should be the cream of the French Golf Street in the capital of the Alps! For the first time, Grenoble was selected for the one of the seven stages of French cities City Tour Pro (with Morlaix, Reims, Strasbourg, Amiens, Lille (August 25), and Paris (September 15). Grenoble

◆ For this step, participants will have the opportunity to play on a unique course in hotspots of the city walls of the Bastille, the museum park and three towers, Notre Dame … Each team will consist of 3 players.Participants will compete on a course combining technical precision and team tactics … At each hole, a different game formula borrowed from traditional golf, will be proposed.

ENTRIES ▶ ◀ Only via PAF: 10 euros per player. maximum 27 teams. PROGRAM DAY: 11am:

Home teams stand in the garden city. 24:00: Group photos and general briefing. 24:30: Departure of teams for a 9-hole course. 18h30: Return of the teams at the bar “On hot date” on the Place Ste Claire. 20h: Awards and evening concert at the bar Jahkasa “In hot date” … OUR PARTNERS:Viatech Solutions Almost Golf Grenoble City Pitch-It -Off Golf Trails Indian Forest ChartreuseValécrin Criteria editions supersuper. ‘s Garden Tea The Basse Terre at hot date








UrbanGolf book of Grenoble. It’s in French, but I want nothing more than to translate it. Way to go!

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