Süddeutscher (Southern Germany) Cross Golf Challenge Cup 2012

The Porn Golfer Club (Play Over Real Nature) wrapped up their team championship last month with a 13 hole (9 during the day, 4 during the night) clash at the University of Regensburg.  The university is located in the town of Regensburg (pop. about 136,000), in the beautiful German state of Bavaria.  Five of southern Germany’s finest crossgolf clubs competed to decide who the best team was this year.  Porngolfer Walldorf eV took the title this year over the heavily favored defending champions Cross Golf Franconia.  CrossGolf Regensburg eV came in fourth place on their home turf.  Porngolfer Walldorf eV will truly feel like defending champions in 2013 when the championship comes to Walldorf.  The Porn Golf Association Tour (porn = play over real nature) will be back in action this weekend at one of Germany’s biggest CrossGolf events, the Crossgolfcup am Eselspfad.

On Saturday the 11th August, the unofficial “Süddeutsche Team Championship” in Regensburg was fought. Overall, nearly 20 Cross golfers were lined from five southern teams to bring the trophy for their club. At the start were the defending champions, CrossGolf Franconia, the  CrossGolf Regensburg and Stuttgart eV “Golf Fellas”, the cephalopods from Wiesloch eV and Porngolfer.

According to the rules, the 2 best players of each team scored, but since we had to give to the Bernd cephalopods charity, all hope of our club was on the shoulders of Doc and our venerable President Chris.

THE COURSE: The venue was the site of the University of Regensburg and 9 holes were played on the day and 4 holes in the night on lawns, asphalt, about buildings and ponds. 2 lanes of it should, rather untypical for cross golfer, played with the putter. Around 2:30 in the afternoon we went into four colorful mixed flights to Tagrunde and after four played tracks they met at the central board office. This concept proved to be excellent, as in humid weather we had so much fluid eat.

After an outstanding Tagrunde by Doc and our president, we were five strokes in front of the favored defending champion from Franconia, the auffuhren with reigning “Ice Tea Cup” winner “Flou” DietzOr and cook allsamt top players, hard guns. Even then 7 strokes behind the golf fellas were on 3rd place.


As darkness fell, we went to the last 4 tracks. With severe handicaps, Doc was überhopft easy and our president is known for his night-blindness. It was played by the luminous balls Almost NT on varied paths to deal with major elevation changes. At the end we were able to fend off the final attack of the Franks and with just 2 strokes, won the team title ahead!

Then we broke into our teams to celebrate, and then the Cup victory was celebrated in Regensburg city!

A big thanks to the host of Regensburg for the excellent organization and hospitality with sausages, steak and Regensburg hops cold shell and to all participants for a great tournament!

In this sense, we find ourselves again in 2013 in Walldorf, Germany, where we are trying to defend the hard-won title …

Team-final Cup standings:

  • First Porngolfer Walldorf eV
  • 2nd Cross Golf Franconia
  • 3rd Gulf Fellas Stuttgart
  • 4th CrossGolf Regensburg eV
  • 5th Cephalopods Wiesloch eV

The individual results are to date not yet available, but are replenished as soon as they made their way to the Irish exile network found.

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