The Crossgolf Cup in Eselspfad, Germany 2012

Earlier this month, Crossgolfers from all over Germany gathered for the 4th edition of the Crossgolf Cup on the donkey path. They had 31 players and a demanding 12-hole course that played dry and firm. Paul Hirschmann ran away and hid from the rest of the field en route to a 7-stroke victory over Marc Sigle and Michael Weidner. The players will be gearing up for the next big event, the 2012 Cross Golf Open in Mannheim, Germany, which will take place on September 22nd. Information on both events can be found at Google doesn’t provide the best translations from German to English. I might need to brush up on my German.

Crossgolfcup on the donkey path was once again a great tournament with a very challenging 12 holes. After a short briefing is distributed to participants at the tracks and it was on time by 13 clock going with a shotgun start.

On the railways, was reliable as ever, by the cephalopods Wiesloch hosted in the golf cart. Undoubtedly one of the highlights included the reduction of the clubhouse terrace. With a score of 2 because it was already way up front …

The dryness of the grass was most players some unexpected problems, because the balls were on the sloping paths are not really moving but the law of gravity always receive the lowest point. All the more remarkable that cephalopods Paul Hirschmann with 7 strokes ahead of the tournament was able to win. Made the 2nd and 3rd place in a stinging LA Cross golfer Michael Weidner (3rd) and Winetown golfer Marc Sigle (2nd) from among themselves. Congratulations to the winners!

Big thanks to all participants, to the golf course on the donkey path and nachtürlich the cephalopods Wiesloch cater for `s. Looking forward to 2013, when it again on Eslespfad resounds: “Who is an ass cheating” ;-)

Who does not want to wait until next year, which can be happy on 09.22.12 Mannheim to come to our next event – we look forward to you.

Here the total score:

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