Crossgolf Portal’s Klaus Simianer sets Guinness World Record

Over the summer, Crossgolf Portal founder Klaus Simianer of Germany, and American David Cox set a Guinness World Record for most golf balls caught over 100 meters in under a minute. They secured a location (Duisburg Landscape Park, in Duisburg, Germany)  and scheduled the date of their attempt with a Guinness World Record judge for June 6, 2012.  Klaus hit, while David, a baseball player, caught each ball in his baseball glove.  The rules were very simple; Klaus had to hit each shot at least 100 meters and David had to catch as many as he could within 1 minute.  I recently had a conversation about it with Klaus via Skype.  He told me the biggest factor was the weather; a rainstorm had just passed through the area, the ground was very wet, and sudden gusts of wind made it difficult to judge the distance.  Klaus used an 8-iron, mainly to keep the ball lower (less air time means more shots can be hit) and to prevent high spin (which makes a ball difficult to catch).  It turned out to be a wise club choice as David caught 6 out of 7 balls within the time limit. The 7th ball exceeded the 60 second time limit, so it was thrown out.  Klaus and David were anxious as they waited for the results, but were relieved when the judge announced they had set a new Guinness World Record.  Congratulations Klaus and David!  I think we could see a few others have a go at this record in the future.  Those brave enough to attempt it will need to hit the ball low, to save as much time as possible, but still get it over 100 meters.  Remember, you will need a judge to make it official.  Good luck to anyone who sees this and wants to give it a shot!         -Jeff Tracy

Unfortunately, the video is only available in German:

Here’s the story straight from Crossgolf Portal:

With a beer every now and then to get so ridiculous to think so even after a round of golf with a beer with my buddy David. David is an American baseball player and avid … “Have you ever tried to catch a golf ball?” – “No, but let us try,” was his answer. The idea was only then again a few months on ice.
Eventually the idea of Guinness World Records ™ has been created in this book I’ve always wanted anyway. Google + Home + E = recall of RTL2 – “Do you know the Guinness World Records ™ TV show?”
2 months later, the appointment was for the record attempt. We met in Duisburg Landscape Park, where our playground:

Guinness World Records

It was hit in 60 seconds as many golf balls that had to walk more than 100m, only to be caught. After several training sessions, we have opted for a loose 8 iron 120m and put safety first. The 100m staked and the hitting mat constructed and already David could try to catch as many balls.

Guinness World Record

Unfortunately the weather was not very good and I had gusty headwind what David his job with the difficult task. After the 60 seconds I had hit 7 balls, of which David was able to catch 6, tee-7 was no longer within 60 seconds, and no longer in the standings.

After a moment’s fear that the Guinness World Records ™ record judge would recognize all 6 captive balls, Mr. Kuchenbecker announced: “We have a new Guinness World Records record with 6 captive balls and 60 seconds, congratulations.

Thus, we are current Guinness World Records ™ record holder and have honestly earned a beer, which does not necessarily exclude a new idea.


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