We are back…and playing night golf!

Dear Crossgolfers and urbangolfers around the world. It’s been long a year since we last posted about urban and crossgolf…but now we are back and ready to keep telling the world about how cool the sports of urbangolf and crossgolf are. We are also going to update everyone on what is happening in the European Cross and Urbangolf scene. Added to this will be a new mix night golf events we are doing in the US because our new company is producing all kinds of cool night golf lighting, glow balls, glow clothing and night golf gear that can be used on ta golf course as well as for urbangolf. We will also be expanding our night golf events into the urban and crossgolf worlds so stay tuned. Our other websites are about night golf with laserglowgolf.com as well as glowgear.net

This year in Crossgolf has seen numerous events and we will begin posting on this asap.

During the last year we’ve been developing a whole series of new competitions from Flop Shot Limbo to cosmic putting to tic tac toe. They are starting with on-course events, but we are working hard to bring these skills and events to the urbangolf and crossgolf worlds so stay tuned. We are hosting an online casino event as well. It will consist and gathering up online and playing some casino games together which we think it's a good teambuilding exercise. Catch us here at cash in on the free spins, because besides the entertainment side, we can get some money out of it.

Night golf is great because most of us work, so when we can create evening events you have far more players available to come out and play, participate and party. And isn’t that what it’s all about.

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