College Glow golfers Tour: Fall 2011

Come join our fall tour

This fall, the Off-Course Golf Network and the PGM program of Cal U Pittsburgh are launching a truly revolutionary new campus golf ‘league’ and competition series that fits the world of the college student… because we don’t leave campus to play. Its a two player best ball tournament…played through, over and around campus, across playing fields and through stadiums.

The ball makes it possible

Thanks to the off-course safe performance of the almostGolf ball, you can produce yourself, or we can come to your school and create a 9 – 24 hole course where ever you’d like. We then put on a day and night (glow golf) event where you can invite clubs, Greeks, alumni, and even other school teams. We provide the course and all the glow gear, and you just supply the ‘environment’ and the players.

Our events are great for:

…..- Campus Fundraisers
…..- Alumni events
…..- Glow Golf Parties: 1 – 24 holes

…..- Black-light events: 1 – 14 holes
…..- Intramural practice | events
…..- Freshman orientation
…..- Parents day

The events

Our day or night events are fun, completely original one club competitions or ‘try me’ shoot arounds that will grow in prestige and participation in only a few years. We don’t make them complicated with lots of clubs and rules. We just make them fast, social and fun to play for every level. We also do what no golf tournament can do. We make them convenient so students can see and be seen by their friends…and that is key to the success of your schools event.

Campus safety

The beauty of the almostGolf ball and our event model is that we’ve proven that golf can now be safe. We’ve solved the ball, divot and club safety issues that have made golf a ‘golf course only’ sport. We also provide the event insurance that make our events safe and risk free for your school to try. Now we can bring the creativity of campus golf to your school without danger.



How glow golf events work: Super simple

1. Players: Your team/club recruits two player teams to compete/play
2. Course Design: We come in and design the course, then create a course map for the event
3. Driving range: We put up a day time ‘driving range’ central to campus during the day
4. Course Set up: We set up the course
5. The competition: Players come and play the day, night or both events


It takes about 4 hours to set up the course and another hour to pack out.

Questions? 310.868.8779

Deliverables: What we bring to the table

1. We provide the course
2. All the balls for day and night play
3. Headlamps and glow gear for night time events
4. We provide full event insurance
5. Product prizes
6. Painting of course (optional)
7. With the help of student volunteers we set up and take down the course
8. We film the event and provide a clips for next years promotion

Our glow goals for fall 2011:

Our primary goal is to begin to grow the game of golf on campus through creative, easy to produce, affordable events around campus. Then, these events will grow with prestige and participation so that in a few years you will be able to showcase your event to the outside world in the form of alumni and inter-collegiate competitions.



COSTS | FEES: There are a few ways to work with the OCGA


……You can buy the balls, targets and glow gear to do your own event. ($200 – 1,000)


……You can rent the course from the OCGA and do it yourself ( $500 – 1,500)


……You can have us come in and produce the event for you. ($1,500 – 12,000)


Give us a call to set a date for the fall Glow Golfers Tour: 310.999.9757


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