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About Us


Today, we are a group of off-course evangelists who’ve been hitting and playing golf through our neighborhoods, parks, and school yards using the almostGolf ball since 2003 when the ball was invented. Our team includes everyone under the sun who like the idea of putting five balls in their pocket, grabbing a club and walking out their back door to the first hole of their own private 18. Our goal at the OCGA is to push the envelope of Off-Course Golf, UrbanGolf, CrossGolf and StreetGolf by organizing events and fundraisers that truly take golf ‘to infinity and beyond’.


OUR OFF-COURSE MISSION: As one off-course golfer once said, “Once you leave the golf course, this goes as far as your brain can think.” It’s become clear that he is right and the only limitations any of us have when it comes to event and course design is our own creativity. Basically, because we can now use tens of thousands of new venues, anyone can become a course designer. That’s the idea. To ‘Open Source’ golf and make it fun and affordable for everyone.

The Founder/Commissioner/Grand Pooba: In 2003, after 72 protyping sessions and great expense, Robert Peterson successfully invented the almostGolf ball. The almostGolf ball is sold in over 3,500 retail outlets and is used in over 25,000 schools that can now teach golf on campus for the first time. Most of these schools had no on-campus golf programs prior to the invention of the almostGolf ball. Following this in 2008, Rob began to pursue creating ‘the sport’ of Off-Course Golf on a national level. His original intention after all, was to create a golf game that could be played anywhere and at any time, freeing the sport from the financial and time restraints of traditional golf courses.  He sees golf courses…everywhere.

CONTACT US: If you have any questions about how to create your own course or event feel free to give us a call.

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