almostGOLF Balls: Day | Night {Glow}

CHECK IT OUT: This is our first glow in the dark golf event on the beach. We tested the almostgolf glow ball and it really worked.

Welcome to the home of GOLF COURSE IN A BOX(tm) the almostGolf ball and the super new glow in the dark almostGolf balls. The top rated practice golf ball in golf. In fact, it’s such a great ‘practice’ golf ball, it’s the ball preferred by more crossgolf, streetgolf and urban golf events world wide. Without the almostGolf ball, you simply can’t leave the golf course and play.


10 BALL BOX: almostGolf Ball | CO2 pressure makes the difference

Our Price: $9.95

The almostGOLF Ball is the first CO2 Pressurized ‘off-Course’ safe Golf ball on the market.

GolfWeek: Voted ‘Best product to impact the future of golf’

- #1 selling practice golf ball in golf
- Only CO2 pressurized golf ball in golf
- Only off-course ball with a COR rating for real performance
- No other practice ball or wiffle ball performs like the almostGolf ball
- Endorsed by Dave Pelz, the #1 coach in golf (12 winners of majors)

Unlike all the wiffle golf balls and squishy foam golf balls, the almostGolf ball and NT glow golf ball have a pressurized core that gives the ball real golf ball bounce off the club face and 1/2 the COR rating of a real golf ball.

The best Urban-Golf, Street-Golf and Cross-Golf ball world wide.


36 BALL BOX: almostGolf balls | OUR BEST VALUE

Our Price: $29.95

PLAY and PRACTICE ALL THE TIME: You just can’t hit just one. Now you have enough almostGolf balls to play or practice your golf game for days. This will allow you daily practice that will take you from a good to great golfer.

PERFECT FOR NEW GOLFERS: With 36 balls, you can now become a good golfer fast, because you can now practice every day, no matter where you live. No need to drive to the driving range anymore. You can play and practice anywhere, anytime.

-Create your own backyard driving range
-Hit more shots when practicing
-Create your own urbangolf or crossgolf course
-Practice every day and improve faster

With only two 36 ball boxes of almostGolf balls, you can put on your own neighborhood golf fundraiser or crossgolf or urbangolf tournament.


BULK ALMOSTGOLF BALLS: | Great for on-campus golf tournaments and events

Our Price: $115.00


Now you can create a golf experience virtually anywhere. Driving ranges, events, fundraisers

-Perfect for school instruction
-Make your own neighborhood driving range
-Great for neighborhood, crossgolf events
-Perfect for off-course Charity fundraisers


……………Call for bulk balls pricing today


almostGolf NT Night Balls (12 Pack) | Night golf tournaments rule!!!!

Our Price: $24.00

THE BEST GLOW GOLF BALL EVER: Who needs a golf course to play glow golf. Not only is the almostGolf NT Night ball the #1 performing off-course ball in golf… it now glows in the dark. The almostGolf glow golf ball is truly an innovation who’s time has come.

-12 Glow in the dark almostGolf balls
-* Comes with 14 glow sticks * (2 extra)
-Glows for 6 hour per glow stick
-Flies 1/3 distance
-Neighborhood friendly

Colors: YellowGreenOrangeRedBlue - Pink

Make Night golf courses around your neighborhood, park, schoolyard, corporate park of campus. The almostGolf NT goes great with our Off-Course urbangolf Targets and comes inside our Golf Course in a Box(tm) packages.


Bulk Box almostGolf Glow balls (Gross 144)  | Great for Glow golf fundraisers

Our Price: $252.00 You save $24.48!

glow in the dark golf balls

glow in the dark golf balls


BULK almostGOLF NT GLOW-IN-THE-DARK GOLF BALLS: Now you can put on your own neighborhood crossgolf fundraisers or tournaments.

Bulk balls come with almostGolf NT balls and 1.5′ Glow Sticks

Colors: Yellow - GreenOrange - RedBluePink

GLOW GOLF FUNDRAISERS…around campus or through playing fields. All you need is a ball, headlamp and glow stick. night golf tournaments were never so easy and so cheap.

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