Glow Golf Events

GLOW IN THE DARK CAMPUS GOLF: The ultimate fundraiser!

NIGHT GLOW ‘RAVE GOLF’ CAN NOW LEAVE THE GOLF COURSE: Not only can you now leave the golf course and bring a tight, social, fun version of golf to any school, park or campus, you can now do it at night. Thanks to the invention of the off-course safe almostGolf NT night golf ball, producing glow in the dark night golf events is fast, easy and affordable to produce on any school or organization’s budget.

MORE THAN OUR BALLS GLOW…EVERYTHING GLOWS: Our Glow in the dark events don’t just have glowing balls, we have glow targets, clubs, hats and Blacklight headlamps that turn everyone florescent. This is RAVE GOLF at its very finest!!! Now you can florescent spray T Shirts, the course and even the players so everyone lights up. Check out our ‘do it yourself’ Glow Golf packages or give us a call to customize your own course.

  • THEY ARE EASY TO PRODUCE: Through campus glow golf events take only a few hours to set up and a few hours to take down with no impact on your campus
  • YOU KEEP MORE FUNDRAISING DOLLARS: Since your campus is a the course, you don’t have to rent a golf course and therefore you keep more of what you raise
  • THE ULTIMATE AFFORDABLE FUNDRAISER: Since you are not renting the golf course, you can produce a ‘do it yourself’ Glow Golf event from $400-1,200 all in.
  • EVERYONE WILL WANT TO PLAY: Golf through campus is cool, but night golf through campus with a DJ, lights, glowing balls, glowing players and clubs…is really cool
  • WEEK DAY EVENTS: Since your event is at night, you can now create an event on a Wednesday – Friday night instead of taking up everyone’s Saturday night
  • FUN/FAST TO PLAY: By playing a one club event, players can finish a course between 1 and 2 hours. And both serious and beginning golfers will have a blast
  • SUPER SOCIAL: Unlike real golf tournaments spread over 150 acres, our events are tight and social. People get to interact with more than just their own foursome.
  • DOESN’T COMPETE WITH OTHER EVENTS: By playing at night you don’t have to worry about competing with the school football game or other sports events
  • YOU CAN RAISE MORE MONEY: Your fundraiser will be more successful because everyone is going to want to play



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