How to play Urban – Crossgolf


Urban-CrossGolf comes of age…because the balls makes it possible

Golf is pretty much about hitting a small ball a bunch of times until you get it into a little hole. When you leave the golf course and begin playing through the neighborhood, park or campus, it’s pretty much the same game of hitting a ball, but now the ball is different and your courses are far more creative.

Check out this ‘old school’ video we shot around 2007 that gives the basics of off-course golf. This was when we ran almostGolf out of our house in Santa Monica, CA. Times have changed, but the game is pretty much the same.


This is the big question everyone wants to know. Basically being able to play golf ‘in the world we live in’ eliminates all the traditional golf barriers to entry of time, money and travel. Since all you need is a club, ball and shag, we’ve simplified golf down to an affordable activity anyone, (including kids who don’t have cars) can do. Here are a few differences and advantages Off-course urban or crossgolf have over traditional golf.

  • THE SPORT: My view is that we’ve created the Frisbee/Disc Golf of golf where anyone can simply walk out their back door and start playing the game. It’s really that simple. There is no need to multiple clubs, clothing or a dedicated course. You create your own course to fit your skills, environment and artistic style.
  • THE BALL: The almostGolf ball really is something revolutionary. It’s not just a Callaway foam ball with nice packaging but hits like a potato. It has CO2 pressure inside the ball and this is critical, because now the ball can ‘bounce’ off the club face just like a golf ball, but without the danger or damage of a super heavy traditional golf ball. Basically, the almostGolf ball fits the world we live in far better than a traditional golf ball.
  • THE COURSES: This is where off-course urbangolf, streetgolf or crossgolf blow golf away. Now you can create courses virtually anywhere you live, as long as you have some grass to work with. Best of all, no one can get hurt. I’d go on and on about course options, but it might be best to check out our blog category for course design to get more tips and tricks.
  • CONVENIENCE: Golf course golf is great. It just takes too much time and money for most people. Off-Course urban/streetgolf pretty much doesn’t cost more than a bunch of balls. Best of all, you can now just grab some balls, a shag and club and be ‘on the links’ by walking out your back door. How cool is that. We make golf easy. Then, when you’ve played a bunch of holes, you can pack it in when ever you want, because you didn’t have to pay $25-300 to play.
  • CLUBS: Off-Course golf simplifies golf by cutting down the number of clubs you need to play. When you are just hitting around the neighborhood, you can have a lot of fun with one club. Why carry more? It’s a lot more fun to simply hit and walk, hit and walk. Try it, you’ll like it.CHECK OUT OUR BLOG: We will be talking alot about how to play all versions of off-course golf, be it Streetgolf, crossgolf, urbangolf or some other morph of play. then join the network and give us your comments and suggestions.

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