Intro: Off-Course Golf

WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF PLAYING GOLF…OFF-THE-GOLF-COURSE: Yes, it’s true. Thanks to the invention of the almostGolf ball and now glow-in-the-dark almostGolf Night Ball, you are no longer tied to the golf course to play or practice golf and have fun. Since the almostGolf ball has broken the safety barrier, you can now walk out your back door with a couple balls and a club and hit real shots. You can practice or create your own ‘Frisbee Golf’ type course as you hit around the nieghborhood. It’s that easy. No hype, no gimmicks. Check out our videos to see the ball fly.

LEARN MORE ABOUT THE ALMOSTGOLF BALL TECHNOLOGY: In 2004 almostGolf invented a ‘golf ball’ that filled a massive need in the golf industry. A ball with real CO2 pressure inside. A ball that out performs all wiffle or foam ‘practice balls’ on the market, hands down. It weights 13.5 grams or 1/4 of a real golf ball. As a result it’s heavy enough to fly a nice distance (65 yards with a 7 iron) but light enough to be off course safe around cars and windows. And since it has CO2 pressure inside, it bounces off anything it hits. How cool is that? Best of all it performed. You can fade, draw, pinch and knock it down just like a real golf ball, but without the superlong distance and danger associated with the old school traditional golf ball. Welcome to the beginning of golf in your world, on your time-line, and that makes golf affordable for everyone: Learn more ball technology:

FLEXABILITY TO LEARN GOLF EASY: If you are starting out in golf, you now have a legitimate low cost way to learn fast. At the beginning you just need to hit balls on a daily basis to grove your swing. So now, just as a basketball player would go out to the driveway hoop and shoot free-throws, you can grab some almostGolf balls and hit shots in your backyard, schoolyard or across the street to your neighbors front yard. It’s all good and it’s legitimately safe. Ask any Golf pro. And the best part is that you don’t need to go to the golf course and spend money on range balls everyday. If you don’t believe us, give us a shout and we’ll tell you lots of ways to learn how to get good at golf fast, without leaving your neighborhood. Check out our ‘Parking lot driving range video’ for some practice ideas.

MAKES ‘SHOOTING AROUND’ CONVENIENT: If you are like most guys/gals who just need 15-30 minutes to decompress after work. Now you can grab a club, five balls and head out to your own ‘urban-golf course’ course that you create through the neighborhood, park or local schoolyard. You hit as many shots as you want, and when you are done…you go home. It’s that easy.

MAKES GOLF AFFORDABLE TO ANYONE: In the past you had to go to a golf range or course and pay up to a quarter a ball to practice. Now, all you need are some almostGolf balls, a few clubs and some open space and you can work on %90 of your golf game for a fraction of what it cost to go to the golf course. And if you are a kid, now mom and dad don’t need to drive you everyday to the course. You can hit ten times the shots for a fraction the price. No, we are not ‘real’ golf balls…in fact we are more fun because you can keep your cash as you play anywhere.

CREATE YOUR OWN EVENT OR FUNDRAISER…WITHOUT RENTING THE GOLF COURSE: In the past, you had to rent a golf course and pay all kinds of money. Now, all you need are some targets, balls and a schoolyard, park or your own neighborhood and you’ve got your own private ‘golf course’. The best part about creating your own ‘do it yourself’ golf event is that since you are now the golf course, you get to keep all the money. Learn more about fundraising:

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