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“Best product to impact the future of golf.” GolfWeek Magazine

Welcome to the ball that makes playing off the golf course possible. First off, no, it’s not a ‘squishy foam practice ball’. It’s a foam ball that has CO2 pressure inside so that it bounces off the club face and flies where ever you hit it. Then, it bounces off what ever it hits. So it’s safe.

On the non-tech side, it gives you the freedom to play golf anywhere you want, primarily around the neighborhood. It’s old school frisbee golf meets real golf because the ball really performs to the level that you can play legit tournaments through any non-golf environment. There are no other off course balls in the world like it. As a result it was voted, “Best product to impact the future of golf.” by GolfWeek Magazine


The almostGolf ball is the #1 off-course practice ball in golf because it is the first golf ball that gives a golfer true spin, trajectory and accuracy in an off course safe ball. Simply put, this is no ‘squishy foam’ or wiffle type golf ball that flies where ever it wants when you hit it. The almostGolf ball gives tour quality performace and feedback because of it’s patented CO2 pressurized core. Unlike traditional golf balls that create bounce with heavy compression molded rubber cores, the almostGolf ball accomplishes a phenomenal .32 COR rating (bounce) through compressed air inside the ball. (Which is no easy task to create) As a result we give the golfer excellent bounce off their club face while delivery unmatched safety around cars and windows.


The almostGolf ball travels approximately one-third the distance of a normal golf ball, which is about the same distance as your average Frisbee disc. So it’s perfect for either backyard practice or playing around your neighborhood, park or schoolyard. All club distances correlate to actual distance with a regulation ball. No longer do you have to soften your golf swing because the ball can’t handle force, velocity or resistance.


The almostGolf balls true-flight characteristics allow you to really work and bend the ball like the pros do with real golf balls. As a result ou can now cut the ball around trees, buildings and obstacles. As a result it makes playing around the neighborhood an exercise in ball striking craft. This is something no wiffle golf balls can claim.

In simulator tests the almostGOLF ball has the same initial velocity, spin rate and launch angle of a traditional golf ball. That means performance off the club face. Then, it looses speed until it hits its apex and begins its downward flight softly and safely. That’s off course safety and performance combine.


The Coefficient of Restitution or ‘Bounce affect’ is the reaction off the club face and this is where CO2 pressure of the almostGOLF Point3 set it apart from all other practice balls. Traditional golf balls are made with compression molded superball rubber and a skin. As a result they bounce off the club face with amazing speed and velocity. Now, to bring that same bounce into the world we all live in without bringing the danger, we had to create bounce, without the weight. We accomplished this with thousands of bubbles that are pressurized inside the ball, so that when you strike the almostGOLF ball, the bubbles compress, then release, just like a superball, but without the distance and danger. Most importantly, unlike other practice balls, the COR rating allows realistic launch angle and spin off the club face to accurately diagnose swing flaws.

THE ULTIMATE PRACTICE GOLF BALL SAFETY VIDEO: Thanks to our buddies in Germany, we now have definitive proof that the almostGolf ball is off course safe around windows, especially from 3 meters. Practice golf ball safety

……..STEP #1: Test drive the #1 Off – Course ball in Golf:

…………Voted by GolfWeek Magazine, “Best product to impact the future of golf”.


- True ball flight
- 1/3 Flight
- CO2 Pressurized: (.35 cor)
- Off-Course Safe
- Easy to fade and draw
- 8 hour glow life


……………12 GLOW BALL BALL STARTER PACK: $19.95 and you get 4 extra sticks
……………10 ALMOSTGOLF BALLS (Day) $9.95


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