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OFF-COURSE ADVANTAGES: Why do an Off-Course Event?

There are many advantages to ‘leaving the golf course’ and organizing an Off-Course Golfathon – Pay-to-Play  or  Glow in the dark Night Golf tournament through your school, park, business campus, or neighborhood.  Here are the reasons why…

1. THE EASIEST FUNDRAISER IN THE WORLD: It only takes a few hours to create your own day or night golf course. Then all you do it register players and play. It’s that easy.

2. YOU KEEP MORE FUNDRAISING DOLLARS: It’s easy to raise money with a golfathon or a pay-to-play event. And since you are playing through campus and not renting a golf course, you get to keep the majority of what you raise. Now your donors can be assured that most of their dollars are going straight to your cause.

3. MORE FUN TO PLAY: One or two club Off-course golf is far easier and less intimidating than traditional golf.  Now everyone from beginners to serious golfers will have fun.

4. AFFORDABLE FUNDRAISER: Since you are not renting a golf course, we can help you create a tournament that will fit your school, organization’s budget

Since you are playing through campus, no one has to get in a car and travel. Your course is your campus.

Though the combination eco friendly field paint, inflatables and glow in the dark course elements, each course you/we create is a piece of art you get to play.

7. COMMUNITY BASED: Since you are playing through campus, Off course events make it fun and accessible to young and old alike.

8. MORE PLAYERS CAN PLAY: Since you designed the course, you can expand it to accommodate as many players as you would like.

Unlike traditional golf fundraisers that take place on Mondays, you can have your fundraiser on the weekend when players, friends, and family are available to play. You can also have night golf tournaments on the weekdays as well

There are many ways you can now raise more money for your cause, here are just a few examples;

1. Golfathon Fundraising
2. Player Entry Fees
3. Painted Tee Box, Fairway, and Green Sponsors
4. Hole In One
5. Closest To The Pin
6. Ball Catching Contests
7. Junior Short Course Events
8. Coincide With Community Celebrations
9. Concessions / Barbeque
10. Fan Picnic Party Designated Areas

Call to learn more about how we could help you create an on-campus event for fun or fundraising. The only limit is your own creativity.

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