Golf Fundraising 101: Urbangolf

OFF-COURSE FUNDRAISING 101: Urbangolf – CrossGolf through campus or anywhere

How to use your campus to raise charity dollars and have a blast at the same time.

The beauty of creating a through-campus, off-course golf fundraiser is that since you are now the ‘golf course’ and you aren’t having to rent a ‘real’ golf course, you get to keep the majority of what you raise. Also, since your event is on campus and ‘in the world we all live in’ more people can participate, especially when you do glow-in-the-dark-Blacklight events and friend, faculty and family can come at night. Finally, since ‘on campus’ events are far less expensive than a ‘real’ golf tournament to create, you don’t need to charge hundreds of dollars to play, so everyone and anyone can participate.

NIGHT GOLF EVENTS: Welcome to the next generation of awesomeness. Blacklight Glow in the dark Golf. You can make it as simple as just buying some glow balls and glow targets for as little as $450 to having us show you how to create a blacklight Glow tournament where players spray paint their T shirts and everything from the targets, balls, tee boxes and players glow in the dark. How cool is that. Then just add a DJ and some kickin’ lazers and you have RAVE GOLF like no one has seen before. Best of all, we can help you produce a Rave Golf tournament for as little as $1,000 and you keep all your profits.

GOLFATHONS: These can be awesome fundraisers everyone can participate in. They are just like walkathons, but you are raising dollars per hole instead of per mile. With the help of our golfathon donation engine, you can now have every club, team and organization on campus raise money for their own separate causes…all during the same event. Now small clubs can piggyback your event and raise far more than they could through a cookie drive or other small fundraising effort.

PAY TO PLAY EVENTS: By charging just $15-35 per player, you can raise several thousand dollars, have an awesome time and keep most of what you’ve raised. Something traditional golf could never offer. Best of all the students can participate instead of just the rich dads.

REGISTRATION AND DONATION ENGINE: When putting on a golf fundraiser, online registration and donation collection is a must. It’s affordable for any event, easy to set up and guarantees you collect all your donations and registration dollars upfront, before the event.

OFF-COURSE PRODUCTIONS EVENT SERVICES: If you would like us to help you design and create your first event, feel free to give us a call for rates and availability

EVENT PRODUCTION HANDBOOK AND CURRICULUM: If you are a student activity board – team or club that want to produce an on or off campus event, our production handbook and week-by-week production guide will walk you through the steps to producing an awesomely successful event. (learn more)

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