Online Registration – Donation Engine

We offer the easiest way to register players and accept donations on the web today

You can set up an event in 1 hour….and you pay as you go…it’s that easy.

step #1 Sign up and create an event page
Step #2 Customize your event pages
Step #3: Start registering participants and start raising money
Step #4: Start collection donations

WE ARE AFFORDABLE TOO! We don’t charge you anything upfront. We just take %5 of what you raise. (above credit card transaction costs)

So give us a call and ask how we can help your event be a success.

REGISTRATION – DONATION ENGINE: The OCGNetwork Registration engine is perfect for ‘high participant’ events such as golfathons, walkathons, bowlathons as well as simple ‘pay to play’ tournaments…no matter where they are.

BENEFITS: Our donation engine allows your school, club or organization to multiply your fundraising dollars by allowing your members to easily send donation emails to all their friends and family, then collect the needed dollars online, immediately. This online fundraising method improves donation collection by %30-50 because you collect the donations immediately through Visa, Mastercard or American Express. As a result, when your event day arrives, all your donations are in your bank account. No paper trails to follow and need to ‘collect’ from donors after the event.


  • Complete player registration
  • Donation module allows you to customize  your  event options
  • You have access to all records to track your Golfathon  progress
  • Complete financial security through Paypal Pro
  • Create your own webpage complete with registration and  donation functionality
  • Personal web pages for each participant, including picture, statement, and goal achievement progress
  • Automatic Email donation letters for easy pledge requests


  • You can now collect all your donations immediately and up-front
  • Save from %30-50 on paper donation process by making easier for donors to  contribute
  • We accept all major credit cards
  • You  can tap into enterprise fundraising functionality with no IT costs
  • We reduce the up-front costs of producing an on or off-course event
  • Creates an online community and mailing list that you can come  back to in year two and beyond.

RATES: Our rates are simple. They range from $250-350 plus small percentage of what you raise. Call for more information and details.

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